Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Very First Post is Posted!!!!

for those of you reading this.....chirp chirp (that was a cricket because no one is reading this)...... I HAVE A NEW BLOG!!! I seriously doubt this whole thing will last though, lets be honest. My other blog was so old that when I went on it, the background image had been deleted! haha! Anways I have a couple of things to say.

1) I am going to say whatever I want on this because I dont even know who will read it.
2) I will be a freshman at Tesoro High School in september, and will be on the JV Song Team!!! Scary!!
3) I will be a loner at home next year when Trevor is still in the Philippines (mission) and Shane is in the Utard country for college.
4) Next year I will have to balance hard classes, dance, song team, seminary, and YW. And Tracy.
5) I have a hamster named Tracy!!!!! Good stuff!
6) I hope some one reads this or it will be a giant waste of time.
7) Bye Bye.

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